Who wrote straight up movie?

Who wrote Straight Up song?

What is the meaning of the end of the movie Straight Up?

Todd makes an impassioned plea to her, tells her he loves her, and does not want to be with anyone else. The movie ends with Todd and Rory playing a board game together. As they talk another man sits down between them, and the intimacy among the three leaves the ending open to audience interpretation.

Who wrote Paula Abdul songs?

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by
Spellbound Paula Abdul, Peter Lord, Sandra St. Victor, V. Jeffrey Smith Paula Abdul
Spinning Around Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi, Dinky Bingham, Ira Schickman Kylie Minogue
The Promise of a New Day Paula Abdul, Peter Lord, Sandra St. Victor, V. Jeffrey Smith Paula Abdul

Do Rory and Todd end up together?

The Ending

Todd doesn’t take it very well and goes back to therapy to find out where he might have gone wrong about himself and the exact nature of his sexuality. Eventually, he circles back to Rory and finds her to be his soulmate, no matter what sort of relationship they have.

What does straight up mean in slang?

slang. used to show that you are telling the truth: You’re a really attractive woman, straight up!

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What does straight up?

Asking for a drink served “up” or “straight up” simply means that you want the drink shaken or stirred over ice, and then strained and served sans ice in a cocktail glass. … This might be the preferred vodka Martini for many people, but if it isn’t for you, ask for the cocktail to be served “up” instead.

How do you say straight up formal?


  1. erect.
  2. perpendicular.
  3. sheer.
  4. straight.
  5. straight up.
  6. up and down.
  7. upright.