What does it mean to be posting up?

Where are you posted up meaning?

In basketball, to assume an offensive position between the free throw lane (“the paint”) and the basket (an area known as the low post) with one’s back to the basket and a defending player, so as to receive the ball in a position where one can attempt to shoot or move closer to the basket.

What does posting over mean?

To post too much or too often. ‘overposting on a discussion board.

What does it mean to post out?

vb advertise, affix, announce, display, make known, pin up, proclaim, promulgate, publicize, publish, put up, stick up.

What does square up mean in slang?

What does square up mean? To square up means to get into a fighting position. However, it can also mean to settle a financial balance. Or, it sometimes means to physically or metaphorically reconcile two opposing objects, ideas, or people.

What is a post online?

(1) (v.) To publish a message in an online forum or newsgroup. (n.) A message published in an online forum or newsgroup.

What does post mean example?

Post is defined as later, behind or after. An example of post is postpone, which means putting something off until a later time.

What does post stand for in it?

Stands for “Power On Self Test.” POST (or P.O.S.T.) is a series of system checks run by computers and other electronic devices when they are turned on.

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