What can I gift my UPS driver?

Can you give a gift to your UPS driver?

It is said that UPS drivers can accept cash and gifts but the company prefers the drivers to receive gifts. Therefore, this is nothing wrong with giving them something small to show your appreciation for them working hard, especially through the busy holiday times. This kind gesture will definitely make their day!

How can I tip my UPS driver?

What about package delivery folks like Amazon, UPS, FedEx? Company officials say their workers do not expect a tip but can accept cash or gift cards under $75. However, letter carriers from the U.S. Postal Service cannot accept cash at all, but they can take a gift card as long as the value is $20 or less.

Can UPS delivery people accept tips?

UPS spokeswoman Rebecca Treacy-Lenda says the delivery service trains their drivers to politely decline tips. “However, we realize that customers often have a strong bond with our people because of the terrific service they provide and when a customer insists, we allow our folks to accept nominal gratuities.

Should you tip UPS drivers?

Fedex/UPS Drivers

On the other hand, FedEx drivers are prohibited by work rules from accepting payments from customers; UPS drivers are not barred from taking tips but are encouraged to say no. For them, you might leave a basket of pre-packaged goods at your door as a form of gratuity.

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Do package delivery drivers get tips?

There are lots of suggestions on giving your delivery person a tip, but it boils down to the individual delivering. Some drivers like cookies, brownies or chips. Cash is uniformly appreciated, as are gift cards.

Can FedEx drivers accept gifts?

“Carriers are permitted to accept a gift worth $20 or less from a customer per occasion, such as Christmas,” USPS said on its website. FedEx workers have a similar policy. They are allowed to accept nominal gifts with a combined value of $75 or less in one year, according to the company’s policy.

Can Amazon drivers accept cash tips?

If you want additional money to go directly to your driver, then leaving a tip in the app is the way to go, as Amazon’s official policies do not allow drivers to accept cash upon delivery.

How do you say thank you for delivery?

Thank you for your speedy despatch, the parcel arrived safely and intact. My grandaughter will be thrilled with her present. I would like to thank you for your super fast delivery on this product and its fantastic packing. A pleasure to do business with you many thanks.

How do you appreciate a delivery boy?

30+ Feedback for Delivery Boy Examples

  1. ( …
  2. I got my order here ASAP. …
  3. Thank you for your help and quick delivery which enable our customer to meet his deadline – excellent service.
  4. Great service, picked up on time, keep me informed at each stage and delivered securely and on time.