What are BW transformations?

Which object is a target of an SAP BW transformation?

The BI objects InfoSource, InfoObject, DataStore object and InfoCube serve as target objects.

How do you make an AMDP transformation?

To benefit from the HANA Code Pushdown, select the option AMDP Script. Afterwards you have to select an existing ABAP project or create a new project in BW Modeling Tools. Then you can implement your logic within the PROCEDURE method. The tables outTab and errorTab are used as transfer parameters.

What is SAP BW AMDP?

AMDP stands for abap managed database procedures, basically we’re going to make use of native SQL statements within the method. The interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB must be added to the public section of the class and then add the method to the class with importing and exporting parameters.

What is the purpose of a transformation in SAP BW 4hana?

When data is loaded from a BW object or virtual object to a target BW object, the data passes through a transformation. A transformation converts the fields of the source into the format of the target.

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What is InfoProvider SAP BW?

InfoProviders are BW objects that data is loaded into or which display views of data. You analyze this data in BEx queries. There are InfoProvider types in which the data is stored physically and InfoProvider types that are only views on the data.

How do I write an end routine in SAP BW?


  1. You are in the BW modeling tools, editing your transformation on the General tab. Choose End Routine Create ABAP. …
  2. You enter the following lines of code: Sample Code. …
  3. Save the class and go back to the transformation editor.
  4. Activate the transformation.

What is expert routine?

Definition. An Expert routine is a routine with contains both the source and target structure. we can use Expert routine if there are not sufficient functions to perform transformation. Approach to Scenario. For Expert Routine every things needs to be written using coding.

Can we write loop in AMDP?

Since LOOP-ENDLOOP along with READ statements are not compatible with AMDP script, subqueries are used to replace them. (The fields that are populated in the subquery can be made use of in the main select). Note: A calculated field cannot be used for the calculation of another field within the same SELECT.

What is AMDP in Hana ABAP?

ABAP-Managed Database Procedures is one of the recommended patterns for use in ABAP code optimization within the context of ABAP development on SAP HANA. So developing a database procedure is similar to the editing of ABAP class methods with the same tool environment. …

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What is for all entries in SAP ABAP?

‘FOR ALL ENTRIES’ is the addition of a select statement. It allows comparing header(parent) internal table When selecting the item(child) data with internal table-filed in the where condition. Then Data is retrieved from the item table equal based on the where condition internal table key field.

How do you debug AMDP routines in BW transformation?

By using AMDP, we want to achieve complete pushdown of transformation execution as the logic will be executed on the database layer instead of on the application layer.

DTP Execution.

Icon Function
Resume Run to the next AMDP breakpoint or end the program
Terminate Cancel the debugger and the debugged application as well

How do you debug a routine in SAP BW?

Debugging in BW/BI

  1. Go to the monitor tab of the infopackage.
  2. Select the “Details” tab.
  3. Open up the “Transfer” section and select the data package.
  4. Right-click on the data package and choose “Simulate Update”
  5. Make appropriate selection in the pop-up and perform debugging.