Question: What does re up mean in the wire?

What does the slang word re-up mean?

Re-up is slang for re-enlisting in the military. An example of re-up is when you take your oath and enlist against after you have served a tour of duty and are eligible for discharge from the army. … (slang) To refill one’s drug stash.

What does hopper mean in the wire?

Hopper – Young boy or girl of a rank below corner boys on the fringes of the drug trade. Normally serving apprenticeship by acting as lookouts or guarding a stash.

What is a Gpack?

g packnoun. 1 kilogram or 1000 gram of cocaine because 1000 is a grand or a G. It typically sells in small quantities depending on purity and sell demands. Also known as a bird, key, kilo.

What is a re up drugs?

re-up (plural re-ups) (slang) A resupply of a batch of drugs to be sold on the street.

What does re up money mean?

to replenish or refill (a supply, especially of illegal drugs): I have no money to re-up on my stash.

Where did the phrase re up come from?

re-up (v.) “re-enlist,” by 1906, U.S. armed forces slang, from re- “back, again” + up (v.) “enlist.” Related: Re-upped; re-upping.

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What does it mean to re up a song?

A Re-Up = Repost or Retweet. Clicking the Re-Up button means your followers will see that song/album in there feed.

What does DNR mean in the wire?

A pen register, or dialed number recorder (DNR), is an electronic device that records all numbers called from a particular telephone line.

What does the bug mean on the wire?

A covert listening device, more commonly known as a bug or a wire, is usually a combination of a miniature radio transmitter with a microphone. The use of bugs, called bugging, or wiretapping is a common technique in surveillance, espionage and police investigations.