Is GoBots a rip off of Transformers?

Are Gobots worth anything?

Transformers outsold GoBots and M.A.S.K. in the 80s and they’re also the most valuable toys today. Individual figures can sell for up to $2,300, and a boxed collection sold at eBay for $1,000,000.

What are Diaclone Transformers?

Diaclone (ダイアクロン, Daiakuron) is a toyline by Takara Toys launched in 1980. It consisted of transforming vehicles and robots piloted by miniature, magnet-shoed figures spun off from the prior Microman toy line.

Who came out first Gobots are Transformers?

Tonka began to distribute Gobots to retail stores in the United States in 1984. Gobots were released five months before the first Transformers hit the shelves. It seemed like Gobots had an advantage by being the first to the market. However, when Hasbro released Transformers whatever advantage Tonka had was soon gone.

Are there fake transformers?

Despite myths to the contrary, most Transformers knockoffs are illegal. In HASBRO BRADLEY, INC. v.

Who is the best transformer?

Who is the best transformer?

  • Unicron. The ultimate Transformer, Unicron is easily the coolest on this list.
  • Omega Supreme.
  • Cyclonus.
  • Arcee.
  • Grimlock.
  • Bumblebee.
  • Trypticon.
  • Devastator.
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