Is everything on the up and up?

What’s up on the up and up?

On the up-and-up is a phrase that describes something as being open and honest, without any lying or cheating, as in Malik wondered whether the gamble house was on the up-and-up or if it was cheating its customers.

What is up and up mean?

The idiom on the up and up—whose exact origins are mysterious, though it dates from the late 19th century, is likely American, and appears to come from sports betting—means (1) open and honest, legitimate; and (2) on the rise.

What is the meaning of on the up?

: moving toward an improved or better state After a slow period, sales are on the up.

When someone is on the up and up?

If someone is on the up and up, they are honest and sincere. I’m a pretty good judge of men. If you’re honest and on the up and up, I’ll be able to tell it.

Are No Laughing Matter?

If you say that something is no laughing matter, you mean that it is very serious and not something that you should laugh or joke about. Their behaviour is an offence.

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Is it onwards and upwards?

Becoming increasingly successful; continuing to advance or make progress. After the immense success of his first book, it was all onwards and upwards for John’s writing career from there. 2. Improving to a brighter, happier future, especially after some misfortune or unpleasant incident.

What does up to 7 days Mean?

adv. Informal during the day, esp. regularly.

What does ups mean in slang?

Summary of Key Points. “Uninterruptible Power Supply” is the most common definition for UPS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Has been on the up?

Someone who is on the up (and up) is honest and can be trusted. improving all the time: Her career has been on the up and up since she moved into sales.

Is on the drawing board?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the drawing boardon the drawing boardif a plan or product is on the drawing board, it is in the process of being planned or prepared Other car manufacturers have similar projects on the drawing board.

What’s up usage?

What does what’s up mean? What’s up is an informal greeting (“Hey, buddy, what’s up?”), idiomatic phrase, or an inquiry about a current or recent state of affairs (“You seem sad.