How do you use the word cheer up?

How do you say cheer up in a nice way?


  1. become cheerful.
  2. buck up.
  3. buoy up.
  4. cheer.
  5. cheer up.
  6. clear up.
  7. encourage.
  8. enliven.

What is the meaning of cheer someone up?

1 : to make (someone) happier We tried our best to cheer the children up. 2 : to make (something) more cheerful or pleasant Bright colors really cheer up a room.

What is the phrasal verb of cheer up?

phrasal verb. cheer up | cheer somebody/something up. ​to become more cheerful; to make somebody/something more cheerful.

Is cheer up one word?

: to become happier They cheered up at the mention of her name.

How do you say cheer up without cheering up?

10 Things To Say Instead Of “Cheer Up”

  1. I love you. …
  2. Would you like to… …
  3. Can I take something off your plate? …
  4. You’re wonderful/strong/amazing/etc. …
  5. Hey, remember that time? …
  6. I’m here to listen. …
  7. Do you need some quiet time or space? …
  8. Do you just need some company?

Is cheer up an idiom?

1. To become happier or experience improvement in one’s mood, especially when sad or discouraged. Typically used as an imperative. Come on, the project was not a total failure—cheer up!

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Is it okay to say cheer up?

It is now very rarely considered okay to say “cheer up”, “smile it might never happen” etc unless you know the person and what has made them unhappy in the first place. Here is a scene where it is okay, but it is not okay in virtually any other situation.

How do you use call up in a sentence?

call (someone) up to do something: Nancy had called up to invite him. Two of her brothers had been called up. He was called up for England last season.

How do you use cheers in a sentence?

Cheers sentence example

  1. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause. …
  2. We could hear the yells of the boys and the cheers of the lookers-on as plainly in our room as if we had been on the field. …
  3. The crowd cheers her on as Ellen accomplishes the task of beating the state record in the 100-meter backstroke.