How did two up start?

Who invented two-up?

But while Anzac Day and two-up are intertwined in our cultural memory, the game was not invented by Australian soldiers. War historian Dr Meleah Hampton, from the Australian War Memorial, said the origins were murky, but the records of first play date back well before World War I.

When did two-up become illegal?

Two-up had continued among returning war veterans throughout Australia until 1981, when it was outlawed by the NSW Government on every day but Anzac Day.

Is 2 up legal in Broken Hill?

In 1992, Broken Hill City Council successfully lobbied the State Government and was granted a permit for Two-up to be played every day of the year. … The license allows the traditional game of Two-up to be played on any day…

What time does 2up end?

Two-up is a gambling game in which coins are spun in the air and bets are laid on whether the coin faces show heads or tails. When can two-up be conducted? after 12 noon). The Gambling (Two-up) Act 1998 does not legalise the playing of two-up at any other time.

Is two-up legal in Victoria?

Two-up legislation (yes, really)

Anzac Day is the one day of the year where two-up is legal in Victoria, while in New South Wales, two-up can be played on not only Anzac day, but any other designated commemorative days.

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Is two-up illegal in Queensland?

This week the Queensland government announced that the traditional Anzac Day game of two-up can now be legally played in RSL clubs. Two-up likely evolved from an earlier game called “pitch and toss” or “chuck-farthing”. …

Can you play two-up online?

You can play a just for fun, free version over at, created by a bloke called Ben McCarthy when he realised that a great Australian tradition could be in danger this year. Or, you can play a round of “2up 2.0” at to buy some virtual coins and place your bets.