Frequent question: How do you level up fast in the new world?

What gives most XP New World?

New World XP farming – XP exploits in New World

The first is the bear exploit. Head to Lodestone Lair in Monarch’s Bluff with five or more other players. The bears that spawn there will continue to spawn every one or two seconds, and they give a substantial number of experience points.

Is New World all PvP?

PvP is entirely optional in New World, and you can play the MMO without ever having to go up against another player. That said, there are a few activities you’ll be missing out on if you choose to exclude PvP entirely.

What should you do when you hit 60 New World?

What To Do After Reaching Level 60 in New World

  1. Outpost Rush. Outpost Rush is one of the first things you’ll want to look into once your reach level 60. …
  2. Faction Gear. If you want to quickly earn some good gear, you should see what your faction has to offer. …
  3. Spriggan Arenas. …
  4. Corrupted Invasions.
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