Best answer: Which standard is applicable for testing of transformer oil?

Is standard for transformer oil testing?

Dielectric breakdown (ASTM D-877 & D-1816)

The most commonly performed test is ASTM D-877, and because of this, it is more readily used as a benchmark value when comparing different results. The oil sample is placed in a test cup and an AC voltage is impressed on it. The electrodes are two discs, exactly 1 in.

What tests are performed for testing of transformer oil?

The “screen test” is a collection of physical, electrical and chemical tests for the transformer oil. These tests include dielectric breakdown, power factor, interfacial tension, acidity, and color. A larger quantity of oil is needed for these tests.

What is ASTM D1816?

ASTM D1816 – 12(2019) Standard Test Method for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of Insulating Liquids Using VDE Electrodes.

What is the standard BDV value of transformer oil?

As per IEC, the minimum BDV of transformer oil should be 30 KV as per transformer oil BDV test standard. The transformer oil is used in the transformer for insulation as well as for cooling purpose.

Is standard for oil testing?

Indian Standard Methods of Sampling and Tests for Oils and Fats ( IS 548 ) was first published in 1954 and subsequently revised in 1964 as Part 1 and it covered methods of sampling and physical, chemical and qualitative tests.

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Is standard for current transformer?

The product standard for low-power passive current transformers comprises IEC 61869-1, together with IEC 61869-6 and this… This International Standard is applicable to newly manufactured current transformers used for measuring, protection and/or control applications in DC Power systems with a voltage above 1 kV.

Why transformer oil testing is required?

Transformer oil use growing globally

Over time this oil is exposed to mechanical and electrical stress as well as to chemical contamination. … To maintain and extend the life of the power transformer and to avoid severe breakdowns, regular testing of the transformer oil is very important.

What is the need for transformer testing?

The need for transformer testing is to check the functioning of the transformer and to decrease the chance of failure. All electrical equipment needs to be maintained safely from some of the failures. Transformer failure can happen because of electrical, thermal, or mechanical factors.

What is ppm test of transformer oil?

PPM stands for Parts Per Million. It is used to measure the weight of moisture divided by the value of oil. The moisture content in oil lowers the insulating system dielectric strength that permits flashover to harm a transformer. For example, for mineral oil, a generally accepted maximum moisture content is 35 ppm.