Best answer: What is the meaning of jazz up?

What could the term jazz it up mean?

Idiom: jazz something up (jazz up something) / jazz someone up (jazz up someone) to make something or someone more interesting, appealing, exciting or stylish.

What does it mean to jazz someone?

tv. to make someone or something more exciting or sexy; to make someone or something appeal more to contemporary and youthful tastes.

What is jazz in slang?

But — and this is significant — although a similar evolution happened to the word “jazz,” which became slang for the act of sex, that did not happen until 1918 at the earliest. … In short, “jazz” probably comes from “jasm,” and let’s leave “gism” out of it. “Ben’s Jazz Curve,” Los Angeles Times, April 2, 1912.

What is the meaning of Jaz me?

slang, obsolete to have sexual intercourse with (a person) (C20: of unknown origin)

What is a synonym for jazzed up?

as in animated, enlivened. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for jazzed (up) animated, enlivened, exhilarated.

What does spice up mean?

Definitions of spice up. verb. make more interesting or flavorful. synonyms: spice.

What does pep up mean?

1 informal : to become more lively or active The economy has started to pep up in recent months. 2 : to cause (someone or something) to become more lively or active a company trying to pep up sales The coach tried to pep the team up.

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What does grind up mean?

phrasal verb. to grind into powder or small pieces.

Is jazz a bad word?

‘Jazz’ is not a bad word now, but almost certainly the etymology is of extremely low origin, referring to copulation before it was applied to music, dancing, and nonsense (i.e., all that Jazz). The vulgar word was in general currency in dance halls thirty years or more ago” (Clay Smith, Etude 9/24).

What is jazz short for?

Jazz is a short form of the name Jazmine, but also derived from the genre of music.

What’s another name for jazz?

What is another word for jazz?

swing blues
boogie bebop
bop ragtime
Dixieland boogie-woogie
fusion jazz hot jazz