Your question: Why is CO2 compensation point low in C4 plants?

Why do C4 plants have low CO2 compensation point?

C4 would benefit from increased temperature and CO2. In the C4, the CO2 compensation point is very low (zero or nearly zero), reflecting their very low levels of photorespiration.

How does CO2 concentration affect C4 plants?

CO2 elevation caused considerably higher root, stem and leaf weight in C3 plants than in C4 plants. In intercropping condition, C4 plants shoot dry weights decreased under elevated CO2 concentration. It indicated that competitive ability of those plants reduced in these situations.

What is a CO2 compensation point?

compensation point The point reached in a plant when the rate of photosynthesis is equal to the rate of respiration. This means that the carbon dioxide released from respiration is equivalent to that which is taken up during photosynthesis. The compensation point is reached as light intensity increases.

Why do C3 plants have a higher compensation point than C4 plants?

Complete answer: In C4 pathway, double fixation of carbon dioxide occurs. … In C4 plants, the compensation point is lower due to the high affinity of an enzyme PEP-carboxylase. In C3 plants no such reason is there and the compensation point is higher.

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Why is the CO2 compensation point higher in C3 plants?

Due to photorespiration in C3 plants, high CO2 compensation point is found as photorespiration increases the output of carbon dioxide and thus the compensation point is achieved at higher carbon dioxide concentration.

How does C4 plants able to produce higher concentration of carbon dioxide for the photosynthesis?

A unique leaf anatomy and biochemistry enables C4 plants to bind carbon dioxide when it enters the leaf and produces a 4-carbon compound that transfers and concentrates carbon dioxide in specific cells around the Rubisco enzyme, significantly improving the plant’s photosynthetic and water use efficiency.

Why are C4 plants more efficient at high temperatures?

C4 plants are more productive at higher temperatures. At higher temperatures, plants tend to close stomata to avoid losing water, which reduces CO2 availability, and traps O2 which increases photorespiration. C4 plants increase carbon acquisitioning by adding the C4 pathway to the C3 pathway.

Why do C4 plants lack photorespiration?

Photorespiration does not occur in C4 plants. This is because they have a mechanism which increases the CO2 concentration at the site of the enzyme. This happens when the mesophyll C4 acid is broken down in the bundle sheath cells to release CO2 this results in an increase in the intracellular CO2 concentration.

What is CO2 compensation point in photosynthesis?

Compensation Point for Light (of photosynthetic plants) is the intensity of light at which the rate of carbon dioxide uptake (photosynthesis) is exactly balanced by the rate of carbon dioxide production (respiration) or equivalently, the light intensity at which the rate of oxygen production is exactly balanced by the …

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What does compensation point mean?

The compensation point refers to the situation when there is no net exchange of gas between plant or environment. In other words, photosynthetic uptake of carbon dioxide is exactly balanced by respiratory output of carbon dioxide. Thus, there is no net photosynthetic gain.