Your question: Why is bottom up estimating the most accurate method to identify the cost of activities in a project schedule?

Why use bottom up estimating?

Bottom-up estimating allows you to break a project into its parts, examine each part to come up with a detailed estimate, and then delegate the completion of those tasks to your team. This ensures a more accurate project, and it empowers your team to get the job done.

Why is bottom up estimating generally considered more accurate than top down?

Why is bottom up estimating generally considered more accurate than top down? -The tools used are not as precise as top down. –Using the WBS detail allows for more accuracy. … Using the WBS detail allows for more accuracy.

What is the most accurate cost estimate method?

An analytic estimate (also called bottom-up estimating) is one of the most accurate cost estimation techniques—but it can also be time-intensive. Bottom-up estimating breaks the project down into smaller parts and then creates cost estimates for those variables.

Which type of cost estimating is the preferred most accurate method?

Detail Estimating

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This approach is closely related to scheduling, planning and resource allocation and is both time-consuming and costly. It requires a good knowledge of the activity and also needs to have a reasonable level of definition. It also results in the most accurate estimates.

What is bottom-up estimation approach?

In a bottom-up approach to estimating, the project team breaks the client’s requirement down, identifying the lowest level appropriate to create a range of estimates, covering the project scope based on the task definition available.

Why is top-down cost estimating considered the least accurate approach?

Top-Down Estimates:

Tasks are not defined clearly. Volatile environment, not viable to develop well-defined schedules & budget. Less reliable duration & costs estimates.

What are the advantages of bottom-up approach over top-down approach in estimation of project times and costs?

The estimates created by this method often turns out larger than the ones, which has been found using the bottom-up approach. The bottom-up approach is on the other hand a very time-consuming and costly method, but it gives a more accurate estimate of the project time and cost.

Why accuracy is important in estimate?

Accuracy is Critical

The better the accuracy of a cost estimate, the better the planning and decision-making is in predicting and adjusting for future change. This is critical when business decisions need to be made on educated guesses where a bad decision can end up in a serious loss of profit.

Which statement is true of bottom-up estimates?

Which statement is true of bottom-up estimates? They are time-intensive and expensive to develop. Soles is a footwear company which has recently set up its store in Ambrosia. To manufacture its products, Soles incurs a range of different costs.

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Which cost estimation method is the least accurate or the most subjective?

D. Regression analysis is the least accurate method used to develop cost estimation models. The scattergraph method is advantageous because decision makers are able to easily identify outliers. You just studied 157 terms!