Your question: What transformations carry a figure onto itself?

What rotation will map the figure onto itself?

A rotation of 360° maps a figure onto itself. You can use coordinate rules to find the coordinates of a point after a rotation of 90°, 180°, or 270° about the origin.

How do you map a figure onto itself?

In order for the figure to map onto itself, the line of reflection must go through the center point. Two lines of reflection go through the sides of the figure. Two lines of reflection go through the vertices of the figure. Thus, there are four possible lines that go through the center and are lines of reflections.

What is a transformation that turns a figure around a fixed point?

A rotation is a transformation in a plane that turns every point of a figure through a specified angle and direction about a fixed point. The fixed point is called the center of rotation .

What translations carry a decagon onto itself?

C) There is no translation that moves a regular decagon onto itself, so it does not have translation symmetry.

Which of the following transformations carry this regular octagon onto itself?

To rotate the Octagon onto itself, we have to rotate each of those sides to an adjacent side. That is (1/8)th of a full-circle turn. A circle has 360° and (1/8)360° = 45°. A 45° rotation counterclockwise puts each of the edges over the position where an adjacent edge was located.

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Which transformation will map a parallelogram onto itself?

a reflection across one of its diagonals. a 180° rotation about its center.

Which transformation will map the figure onto itself Quizizz?

A figure is mapped onto itself when the transformation results in the original pre-image.

What transformations map a hexagon onto itself?

A regular hexagon has 6 lines of symmetry: 3 lines through opposite vertices and 3 lines through midpoints of opposite sides. A reflection across any of the 6 lines of symmetry maps the hexagon to itself.