Your question: How much is a transformer worth?

How do I sell my old transformer?

Best Places To Sell Transformer Toys

  1. Local Pawn Shop. While not necessarily the place to go if you want anywhere near fair value for your Transformer toys, where pawn shops do excel is providing speed and convenience of sale. …
  2. Local Collectibles or Comics Store. …
  3. eBay. …
  4. Sell Your Transformer Toys To Neat Stuff Collectibles.

What is the most valuable transformer?

26 Most Expensive (And Collectible) Transformers Toys Ever (Covet-worthy)

  • Transformers Wei Jiang Detective Alloy Edition. …
  • Transformers Wei Jiang Movie Leader Class Alloy Diecast. …
  • Vintage Transformers Original G1 1984 Soundwave Autobot. …
  • Transformers 1986 Octane Autobot. …
  • Snarl Desert Warrior Transformer Original 1985 Toy.

Do transformers go up in value?

Loose G1 Transformers also have increased in value, despite the lack of a box and pristine condition. The average return on investment of a loose G1 Transformers in decent condition hovers in the 200% to 600% range (or 2 to 6 times the original selling price).

How much did transformers cost in 1984?

Original retail price of first generation Optimus Prime figure: $20.99. What you could get for it today: $600 in its original packaging, $120 on its own. What if you’d put $20.99 into Costco in 1984?

How much did Optimus Prime sell for?


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Year 1992