You asked: What you been up to meaning?

What have you been up to answer?

It means “What have you been doing recently.” Typical responses could be: “I have done nothing for a while now.

What you been up to lately meaning?

Literally it means “what activities have you participated in recently“. A reply might be, “I’ve started editing that nonfiction book at work and moved to a new apartment.” Figuratively it means “I have not seen you in some time, and am curious about your life since I met you last” and could be answered the same way.

Is it what you been up to or too?

What are you up to?” is the right way to use this idiom. “Too” is incorrect because it refers to “as well” or “additionally,” while “to” refers to a sequence of space and is therefore correct. English speakers frequently use this idiom to ask what someone is doing.

What have you been up to Hindi meaning?

वह हाल ही में किया गया है

Have you been up too much meaning?

it means “were you doing a lot?” you can ask that when you want to know if that person was busy.

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Has been up meaning?

To have arrived or have been placed at a high or higher position or location.

What have you been up to Bengali meaning?

What Have You Been Up to – কিভাবে তোমার সময় কাটাচ্ছ

What have you been getting up to?

“Get up to + something” is a British and informal expression. It just means “do something.” So “What did you get up to” means “What did you do?” Perhaps your friend wanted to ask you about how you spent your free time and also implied about the rest of it.

What are you two up to?

What does Just what are you two up to mean? It’s when two people are doing something secretive or suspicious, then you may say that.

What are you up to for today?

What does “what are you up to today” mean? “What are you up to today” means “what are your plans today.” Thus, it is often interpreted as an implicit invitation to do something for the day.

How have you been meaning reply?

“How have you been?” is the present perfect tense. … You could also say “How are you?” using the present tense. But because you care about your friend and you knew he was sick, it would be better to ask “How have you been?” He can respond by saying “Oh, I’ve been great,” or “I’ve been feeling much better.”

What the Cat Dragged in meaning?

phrase [Vs inflect] If you look like something the cat dragged in or brought in, you are very untidy or dirty. I must look like something the cat dragged in.

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