You asked: What does line the crates up mean?

What does it mean to line crates up?

phrasal verb. If people line up or if you line them up, they move so that they are standing in a line.

What does crate mean in slang?

Slang An old rickety vehicle, especially a decrepit automobile or aircraft. tr.v. crat·ed, crat·ing, crates. 1. To pack into a container, such as a slatted wooden case.

What is this word crate?

crate. / (kreɪt) / noun. a fairly large container, usually made of wooden slats or wickerwork, used for packing, storing, or transporting goods.

What does line myself up mean?

(for something) Fig. to schedule someone for something; to arrange for someone to do or be something.

Why you shouldn’t climb milk crates?

“Given the height and awkward angles of the falls, as well as the impact with the milk crates during falls, potential physical harms could include bone fractures, head injuries, neck injuries, and abdominal injuries,” she said.

What does getting lined up mean?

to arrange for an event or activity to happen, or arrange for somebody to be available to do something Mark had a job lined up when he left college.

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What is the crate meme?

These Crate Challenge Memes Are Funnier Than The Viral Trend

What’s been dubbed as the crate challenge has people attempting to climb up and down milk crates that are stacked on each other to resemble a staircase — all without falling. … However, the viral challenge isn’t all fun and games.

What does it mean to walk on crates?

The #CrateChallenge has taken over social media, with daredevils across the country going on scavenger hunts for milk crates to take part in the new viral trend. … The challenge is to successfully walk to the top of the mountain of crates and back down without falling.

What does crate trained mean?

: to train an animal (especially a dog) to accept being confined in a crate (see crate entry 1 sense 2) Consider crate training your new puppy. There are pros and cons to crate training puppies, and the decision to crate train is totally up to the owner.—

How do dog crates work?

A dog crate is usually a plastic (often called flight kennels or Vari-Kennels) or collapsible metal enclosed pen that is just large enough for a dog to stand up and turn around. The crate is a place for the dog to be when no one is around to supervise him. It is the dog’s bed and sanctuary.

What is the sentence of crate?

Crate sentence example. Melissa motioned to a crate of oranges. She moved to the nearest empty crate and placed the baby inside it. Nearby were more of the assassin.

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What is a line up at the barber?

A shape-up, also called a line-up or an edge-up, is a hairstyle that involves cutting along the natural hairline to straighten it. Shape-ups or edge-ups are the fundamental outline for haircuts today .

What does line something mean?

To cover or fill the inner surface of something with some other material, substance, or objects.

What does it mean to line something?

to cover the inside of something, especially a piece of clothing or a container, with a layer of something else.