You asked: At what power factor the voltage regulation of transformer is zero?

At which power factor voltage regulation is maximum?

d(VR) / dƟ2 = 0 assuming load current constant. Here tanƟ2 is positive, which means that maximum Voltage Regulation occurs for lagging power factor load and at a power factor of re2 / xe2. Thus we can say that, maximum Voltage Regulation occurs when load power factor is equal to leakage impedance angle.

What is the power factor of a transformer?

The power factor measured at the primary of the transformer is the result of applying the source voltage to the combined impedance of the transformer equivalent circuit and the load. The power factor at the secondary of the transformer is determined only by the load circuit.

Why no power factor of transformer is small?

With no-load, a small amount of current is drawn from the primary side to set up the required magnetic flux in the magnetic core. This is known as the “no-load current.” … In other words, a transformer operating under no-load conditions has a low power factor because the circuit is almost purely reactive.

In which of the following case will the voltage regulation of a line be zero?

Explanation: Since voltage regulation of a transformer in the leading loading condition is not additive in nature, at particular power factor in leading we can get zero voltage regulation.

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How power factor affects the voltage regulation of a transformer?

The voltage regulation of the transformer is the percentage change in the output voltage from no-load to full-load. And since power factor is a determining factor in the secondary voltage, power factor influences voltage regulation. This means the voltage regulation of a transformer is a dynamic, load-dependent number.

What is 0.8 power factor?

Conventionally, alternator kVA ratings are based on a lagging power factor of 0.8. In this case the current will lag the voltage by an amount that causes the real power level supplied (kW) to fall below the kVA level by a factor of 0.8 times.

What is the power factor in India?

In India, if the power factor of the consumer drops below 0.85, they will be charged heavily. When the power factor is low, power and energy losses in power lines and transformers increase and the utilities include these costs in the electricity bill in the form of power factor penalty.