Why does junction diode acts as a rectifier?

Why a P-N junction diode can be used as a rectifier?

Hint: A p-n junction diode can work as an excellent rectifier since it offers a low resistance for the current to flow when it is forward biased; but a very high resistance when reverse biased. Thus, it allows current through it only in one direction and acts as a rectifier.

Why a diode is used as a rectifier?

An ideal p-n junction diode has zero resistance in forward direction and infinite resistance in reverse bias. This can be used to eliminate the negative cycles in an AC voltage waveform and allow only the positive cycles. This process is called rectification and is useful in many applications like AC to DC conversion.

Which is used as rectifier?

We know that the core use of rectifier is to convert AC current into DC current. The rectifier consists of semiconductor diodes to do this function.


Power Of Alternating Current Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC)
Full Wave Rectifier Half Wave Rectifier

How a junction diode acts as a half wave rectifier?

A half wave rectifier is a circuit which converts one half of the alternating input voltage into direct voltage. This is achieved by using a junction diode in series with a load. During the positive cycle of the input alternating voltage, the diode is forward biased and conducts current.

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How does a diode act as a rectifier explain with the help of a diagram?

A current IL passes through the load resistance RL in the direction shown in the diagram. During the next half cycle when the p-region is negative the diode is reverse biased and the forward current drops to zero. Thus the diode conducts only during an half of the input cycle and thus acts as a half wave rectifier.

When a diode is used as a rectifier The most important consideration is?

The peak inverse voltage is either the specified maximum voltage that a diode rectifier can block or, alternatively, the maximum that a rectifier needs to block in a given application. When a crystal diode is used as a rectifier, the most important consideration is a PIV rating.

What is the purpose of the rectifier?

Essentially, a rectifier is an electrical device used to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) by allowing a current to flow through the device in one direction only. Diodes work like one-way valves within the rectifier to maintain this flow of current.