Which transformer connection is normally used at substation end of a transmission line and why?

Which transformer is used at the end of transmission line that is at the substation where the voltage as to be step down?

It is called primary transmission of power. At the end point of primary transmission of power, in the substation, the step down transformers are used to step down the voltage level to 132 kV.

Which transformer is used at the end of transmission line?

Power companies use step-up transformers to boost the voltage to hundreds of kV before it is transmitted down a power line, reducing the current and minimizing the power lost in transmission lines. Step-down transformers are used at the other end, to decrease the voltage to the 120 V used in household circuits.

Which connection of the transformers is used for distribution transformers and why?

Distribution transformers are connected in delta-star. This arrangement requires 3 conductors in the high voltage side and 4 in the low voltage side, as well as it provides the star point conductor as a neutral point. This can serve single phase as well as three phase loads.

Which connection is used in transmission?

Electrical power transmitted at an overhead transmission line is always has a “Delta Connection”.

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Why transformer is used in transmission line?

Electrical utilities use transformers to change the voltage of electricity as it travels from the power plant to you. … The higher the voltage the lower the current that must flow within the transmission lines to deliver the same power. Lower currents produce much less heating and much less power loss.