Which of the following factors affect the life of transformer?

Which factors affecting life of transformer?

Main factors affecting the operating life of transformers

  • Pay attention to the voltage is too high to accelerate the aging of the transformer. …
  • Adjust transformer load to achieve the desired life. …
  • Good maintenance helps you get the most out of your life.

What are the factors that affect the insulation of transformer oil?

Thermal and mechanical stresses have as a result the oxidation of oil and the degradation of its insulating and cooling properties. Humidity and foreign particles also consist factors contributing to the decrease of oil dielectric strength and its premature failure.

On which factor the proper working and life of transformer depend?

Voltage regulation depends on the voltage drop in the transformer’s impedance, load current and load power factor.

What are the factors of maintenance?

The analysis of the questionnaire answered by (75) engineers showed that the most influencing factors on maintenance procedures and their time are; Maintenance time (when it started), safety and health measures, work completion time, defective construction, lack of implementation, poor completed maintenance work,

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What is standard dielectric strength of oil?

The dielectric breakdown voltage is measured by applying a voltage between two electrodes under the oil. New oil should have a minimum dielectric strength of 35 kV by ASTM methods of testing.

Which factors reduces the breakdown strength of transformer oil?

As the insulating medium of power transformers, oil-impregnated paper (OIP) degrades under interaction with heat, moisture, oxygen, and acids [2,3]. Among those aging factors, heat is the main cause of insulation aging, and thus reduces its mechanical strength and electrical performance.

What are the agents which contaminate transformer oil?

Contamination commonly found in transformer oil includes water and particulate. The presence of either of these contaminants will reduce the insulating qualities of your transformer oil.

What is the main cause of noise in the transformer?

The main cause of transformer noise is the Magnetostriction Effect. … The alternation current that flows through an electrical transformer’s coils has a magnetic effect on its iron core. It causes the core to expand and contract, resulting in a humming sound.

What is the power factor of a transformer?

The power factor measured at the primary of the transformer is the result of applying the source voltage to the combined impedance of the transformer equivalent circuit and the load. The power factor at the secondary of the transformer is determined only by the load circuit.

What are the considerations for transformer design?

An ideal transformer would have perfect coupling (no leakage inductance), perfect voltage regulation, perfectly sinusoidal exciting current, no hysteresis or eddy current losses, and wire thick enough to handle any amount of current.

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