Which of the following are the members of winding up committee Mcq?

Which of the following are the members of winding up committee?

Q. 21:- The winding up committee shall comprise of the following persons:

  • A professional nominated by the Tribunal.
  • Official Liquidator attached to the Tribunal.
  • Nominee of secured creditors.
  • All of the above.

Who are the persons who can file petition for winding up of the company Mcq?

As per Section 272 , the following are the persons who can file a petition for winding up of the company. The Company. Any Contributory or Contributories. The Registrar with Approval Central Government and is given an opportunity of Being Heard.

Which among the following are the types of winding up of company?

Winding Up of a Company: 3 Modes | Accounting

  • Mode # 1. Compulsory Winding Up by the Court:
  • Mode # 2. Voluntary Winding Up:
  • Mode # 3. Winding Up Subject to Supervision of the Court:

Which one of the following statements describes the difference between a members voluntary winding up and a creditors winding up?

c) A members’ voluntary winding up is commenced by passing a special resolution, whereas a creditors’ voluntary winding up does not require a special resolution.

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Who is the member in constitution of winding up committee?

Within three weeks of date of passing of winding up order by the Tribunal, the Company Liquidator will make an application to the Tribunal for constitution of a winding up committee which shall comprise of: Official Liquidator. Nominee of Secured Creditors. A Professional Nominated by the Tribunal.

Which members are included in a list of Contributories?

Persons Liable as Contributories:

  • The following persons are liable as contributories:
  • (a) Past and Present Members:
  • (b) Legal Representatives of a Deceased Member:
  • (c) The Official Assignee or Receiver of a Contributory:
  • (d) Liquidator of a Body Corporate:
  • (e) Directors/Managers whose Liabilities are unlimited:

Who Cannot file the application for winding up the company?

Any creditor or creditors of the company may present a petition to the Court for winding up, alleging that the company is unable to pay the debts of the creditor in the manner specified in section 433 or 434.

Who will appoint liquidator in case of compulsory winding up?

Official liquidator is appointed in the case of compulsory winding up of a company. Official liquidator is the officer of the High Court and he is appointed from the date of order of winding up of the company.

What are the types of members voluntary winding up?

Voluntary winding up is of two types. They are Members Voluntary winding up, and Creditors’ Voluntary Winding up.

What is member voluntary winding up?

A company may, voluntary wind up its affairs, if it is unable to carry on its business, or if it was formed only for a limited purpose, or if it is unable to meet its financial obligation, and etc. Members voluntarily winding up. …

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