Which IC is variable negative voltage regulator?

What is IC 337?

The LM317 and LM337 IC Linear Voltage Regulators are three-terminal devices which are extremely easy to use. The 317 is a positive voltage regulator [Fig. 17-24(a)], and the 337 is a negative voltage regulator [Fig. 17-24(b)].

Which IC is used to get negative voltage?

Amplifier IC Generates a Negative Voltage Reference with the Fewest Parts and a Single Supply Rail. Abstract: A negative voltage reference can be generated using a series voltage reference with an inverting amplifier.

How do you get negative voltage?

There are a number of ways to generate a negative voltage, mainly dependent on the input voltage, output voltage and output current required. Examples include: inverting charge pumps; inverting buck-boost converters; and CUK converters. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Which IC can be used as both positive and negative voltage regulator?

78xx and 79xx ICs can be used in combination to provide positive and negative supply voltages in the same circuit.

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