Which are the factors that influence voltage and current in transformer?

What are the factors affecting voltage?

The three factors, Surface area, Concentration and Temperature. Each of these factors will be explored to see how they affect the current generated by the cell.

What factor affects the induce voltage of transformer?

When the magnetic lines of flux flow around the core, they pass through the turns of the secondary winding, causing a voltage to be induced into the secondary coil. The amount of voltage induced will be determined by: N*dΦ/dt (Faraday’s Law), where N is the number of coil turns.

How is the voltage of a transformer affected?

A transformer transfers power from the primary coil to the secondary coil. Since the power must stay the same, if the voltage increases, the current must decrease. Likewise, if the voltage decreases, the current must increase.

Which factors can directly influence the all day efficiency of a transformer?

All-day efficiency of the transformer depends on their load cycle. The load cycle of the transformer means the repetitions of load on it for a specific period. The ordinary or commercial efficiency of a transformer is defined as the ratio of the output power to the input power.

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What are the factors which increase the efficiency of a transformer?

There are different methods to improve the efficiency of transformers like loop area, insulation, coils resistance, and flux coupling. The insulation among core sheets must be ideal to prevent eddy currents.

Which factor mainly influence the voltage regulation of a large transformer?

1)Amount of current drawn by the load from the transformer i.e Loading on the transformer. 2) Power factor of the load.

What causes induced voltage?

We know that a voltage is induced if either a static conductor is situated within in a changing magnetic field or a conductor moves within a static magnetic field. Faraday’s Law describes this phenomenon. Furthermore, a voltage applied to a resistive or reactive load will cause current to flow per Ohm’s Law.

What is induced voltage and current?

The induced voltage produces an induced current if the conductor is connected in a complete circuit. As with all currents, the induced current creates a magnetic field around itself. Note that this magnetic field opposes the original change.