Where does the phrase chalk it up come from?

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What does the expression chalk it up mean?

: to explain (something) by stating its cause : to say that (something) was caused by (something) Chalk it up to bad timing. Her early mistakes can be chalked up to inexperience.

Is the saying chalk it up or chock’it up?

The idiom “chock it up” can be correct in instances where it means to insert wedge-shaped blocks or other objects next to something to prevent it from rolling, dropping, or coming loose; but it is not correct—at least not yet—in place of chalk it up in the idiomatic expression “chalk it up to X.”

What does the phrase chalk it down mean?

common in phr. to chalk it up (to) , to charge it (to) (a person, an account, experience, etc.). Also, to write down; to set down as a sum or estimate.

How do you use the phrase chalk it up?

To link something that has happened to a particular reason or circumstance. Don’t get too down on yourselves after this loss, boys. Let’s just chalk it up to inexperience and move on.

What does chalked mean in slang?

1. To toss away or waste something, normally due to a cod-pro-related reason. 2. To imply that something has become a failure due to a number of reasons.

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Is it chock full or chocked full?

Originally a person or thing stuffed to the point of choking was “choke-full.” In modern speech this expression has become “chock-full,” or in less formal American English, “chuck-full.” Chalk has nothing to do with it.

Is it chock or chalk?

Chock the verb means to secure something in place. The word phrase “chock full” describes something filled to capacity, not leaving anything out. Chalk is a noun. It is molded white (or pastel colored) calcium carbonate sticks used to write on chalkboards or draw on walking surfaces (cement, concrete, pavers).

What is clap back season?

Clapping back is to answer an an opponent’s insult (or a hater’s diss, to be more slang-y) with a much stronger comeback. … Clapping back comes from the 2003 Ja Rule song “Clap Back,” a diss track aimed at rappers 50 Cent and Eminem.