Where does the phrase bottoms up come from?

Where did the term bottoms up originate?

Origin of Bottoms Up!

According to the legend, English sailors used to be bribed with coins to join the navy, and, many times, they would be tricked into joining by being given a beer with a coin at the bottom of the glass.

What does it mean to be bottoms up?

informal. —used as a toast or to tell people to finish their drinks Here’s to the groom-to-be! Bottoms up!

Is it bottoms up or bottom’s up?

bottoms ˈup!

(old-fashioned, spoken) used for telling people to finish their drinks, or to express good wishes when drinking alcohol: Come on everybody, it’s time to go home. Bottoms up!

What do you say after Bottoms Up?

Usually if someone offers a short (one or two-word) toast, the others reply with a short toast. But it can be anything: “cheers” or “kampai” or “skol”.

What does chug it mean?

transitive verb. If you chug something, you drink it very quickly without stopping. [US, informal] Nadine chugs her beer and orders another.

What is the top-down strategy?

A “top-down” approach is where an executive decision maker or other top person makes the decisions of how something should be done. This approach is disseminated under their authority to lower levels in the hierarchy, who are, to a greater or lesser extent, bound by them.

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What does the term top-down mean?

1 : controlled, directed, or instituted from the top level a top-down corporate structure. 2 : proceeding by breaking large general aspects (as of a problem) into smaller more detailed constituents : working from the general to the specific top-down programming top-down design.

What is another word for bottom-up approach?

Bottom-up synonyms

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bottom-up, like: people-centred, top-down, first-principles, , decentralise and pragmatic.

What’s the meaning of trickle down?

1 : relating to or working on the principle of trickle-down theory trickle-down economics. 2 : relating to or being an effect caused gradually by remote or indirect influences.

What is SIP drink?

to drink (a liquid) by taking small mouthfuls; drink gingerly or delicately. noun. a small quantity of a liquid taken into the mouth and swallowed. an act of sipping.