Where did the phrase turn up come from?

Where did the phrase turn up originate?

Where does turnt come from? Turnt and turnt up begin as a slang term in African-American English meaning “excited,” “adrenalized,” or “intoxicated,” as the online hip-hop dictionary the Right Rhymes defines it.

What does turn up mean slang?

Turn up, in case you didn’t know, is slang the kids use these days, a verb meaning get loose, get wild, etc. (No, it’s cool, I had to Urban Dictionary it.) She theorizes: Turn up is both a moment and a call, both a verb and a noun. It is both anticipatory and complete.

What does the phrasal verb turn up mean?

1to be found, especially by chance, after being lost Don’t worry about the letter—I’m sure it’ll turn up. … (of an opportunity) to happen, especially by chance He’s still hoping something (= for example, a job or a piece of luck) will turn up.

What does turn it up mean Aussie slang?

Posted by Lotg on March 14, 2004. I think this is an old Aussie term (or another of our English inheritences). Les’s ‘turn up for the book’ triggered me to think of this one. It’s usually said when someone doubts someone else’s sincerity, veracity or actions.

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What does wanna vent mean?

: to express (a strong emotion, such as anger) in a forceful and open way He gave vent to his annoyance. She didn’t want to give full vent to her feelings.

What does the idiom put our heads together mean?

Definition of put their/our/your heads together

: to think of a solution to a problem with another person I’m sure we can solve this problem if we just put our heads together.

What does playing hooky mean?

play hooky or less commonly play hookey. US, informal. : to be away from school without permission Out on the playground, a boy from another homeroom cavorted around on a dirt bike, doing wheelies. He was playing hooky, but evidently couldn’t stay away.—

What is the idiom turn up?

If you say that someone or something turns up, you mean that they arrive, often unexpectedly or after you have been waiting a long time.

Is turn up transitive or intransitive?

(transitive) To increase the amount of something by means of a control, such as the volume, heat, or light. Turn up the radio and sing along. (transitive) To reposition by rotating, flipping, etc.

How do you use the word turn up in a sentence?

This job turned up just when I needed it.

  1. I expect a new job will turn up soon.
  2. We don’t have a house at the moment, but I’m sure something will turn up.
  3. This opportunity turned up at just the right time for me.