What’s another word for sizing up?

What is the meaning of sizing up?

To size up is to evaluate or critically assess something or someone. When a chess player sizes up her competition, she makes a judgment about what kind of player she might be facing. If you’re giving a speech, it might help to size up your audience before you decide to include your infamous corny jokes.

What is the word for increase in size?

A gradual increase in physical size. swell. enlargement. expansion. distension.

What’s another way to say tighten up?

What is another word for tighten up?

make tighter constrict
tense tighten
squeeze tauten
stiffen strain
draw taut stretch

What is another way of saying size?

What is another word for size?

dimensions extent
length proportions
capacity largeness
mass range
volume width

What does size up mean slang?

Typically, to “size up” someone means to form a judgment of a situation or assess something.

Whats sizing up mean urban dictionary?

The “spirit” of what sizing up means has been left intact, but an Urban Dictionary definition of “sizing” up refers to the act of a man looking at a woman’s thighs and guessing whether or not she could endure certain aspects of his anatomy for a pleasurable intercourse experience.

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What’s another word for skyrocket?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for skyrocket, like: increase, soar, sky-rocket, shoot up, push-up, rocket, sky and plummet.

What is the synonym of increases?

rise, climb, escalate, soar, surge, rocket, shoot up, spiral. improve, intensify, strengthen. heighten, lengthen, extend, stretch, spread, widen. multiply, snowball, mushroom, proliferate, balloon, build up, mount up, pile up, accrue, accumulate. literary wax.

What word means to increase or intensify?

Definitions of intensify. verb. increase in extent or intensity. synonyms: escalate, step up. Antonyms: de-escalate, step down, weaken.

What is a synonym for tightly?

In a manner that is firm or secure. fast. tight. firm. firmly.

What does the expression tighten up mean?

: to become more strict or effective or to make (something) more strict or effective Security around the building has tightened up recently. They tightened up security around the building.

Whats the meaning of heighten?

transitive verb. 1a : to increase the amount or degree of : augment. b : to make brighter or more intense : deepen.