What is UPS your choice?

What is the point of UPS My Choice?

UPS My Choice® lets you decide how, where and when home deliveries occur to fit your schedule. Get estimated arrival and progress alerts. Delivery change options allow you to change a delivery address or hold at a UPS location where available.

Do you have to pay UPS My Choice?

UPS My Choice is a free service that gives the receiver more control over deliveries. Once you set up an account on UPS.com, members can receive an email or text message the day before a shipment arrives and delivery notification.

What is UPS My Choice and does it cost money?

UPS My Choice is free for basic services, such as tracking packages and getting alerts. Customers can choose to subscribe to UPS My Choice Premium for an annual fee for extra services. UPS My Choice Premium is going from $40/year to $19.99/year effective today, November 2, 2020.

What is a UPS My Choice delivery change?

If you are a My Choice member, you have several options to change the delivery on eligible shipments before we make the first delivery attempt. Those options include: … Rescheduling the delivery date. Picking up your package at a UPS customer center or a UPS Access Point™ location, where available.

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How do I cancel my UPS choice?

Select the Cancel Enrollment link located in the upper right-hand side of the Company Users screen. The Cancel Enrollment pop-up window will display. The Company Administrator will be required to select a valid reason for cancellation.

Why is UPS My Choice Not working?

There are some common reasons why you currently can’t sign up for UPS My Choice, including: You recently moved to a new home. … Your user ID, which is required to sign up for UPS My Choice, is used with a UPS business service such as Quantum View® or WorldShip®. You recently changed your last name.

How do I get UPS to follow my delivery?

Monitor UPS Delivery Progress

The app sends an email to the recipient once their shipment is loaded to the transport truck and within the email there’s a yellow “Follow my delivery button” that opens a web page that shows the map of your local area.

Can you add a package to UPS My Choice?

All UPS My Choice® members can see UPS packages from the previous four months, as well as packages scheduled for delivery, in a convenient calendar view. … You can add addresses to your membership at any time in your UPS My Choice preferences.

What is the difference between UPS My Choice and premium?

The free tier of UPS My Choice gives members alerts on UPS deliveries with delivery time windows and the ability to sign for packages online. Premium membership normally costs $40/year and benefits include: Unlimited free UPS SurePost upgrades to UPS Ground. … With this benefit they’ll arrive with UPS Ground every time.

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Is UPS My Choice good?

The UPS MyChoice program is supposed to be a good thing – it lets customers tell the company in advance whether to deliver packages without a signature or deliver them right ot a UPS store. … The useful options, like redirecting packages to a UPS store or getting a delivery window, cost extra money.

How do I change my UPS My Choice address?

You can change your shipping address on UPS My Choice

  1. Create/log into your UPS My Choice account. Make sure if you are setting up a new account you use your address the package is going to (at least that’s what I did. …
  2. Go to the Tracking tab. …
  3. Click on your tracking package details. …
  4. That’s it.