What is the size of Transformers The Game?

How many GB is Transformers the game?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen System Requirements

Recommended Build It
DirectX 9
HDD Space 5 GB

Can I play Transformers The Game on PC?

Latest version. Transformers has been successfully received in theaters and now you can enjoy them in your computer. Transformers the game is an amazing action game where you will be able to play as Autobot defending the planet or as Decepticon and try to destroy everything.

Who can you play as in Transformers the game?

Players play with Optimus Prime (in the Autobot campaign) and Megatron (in the Decepticon campaign), without the ability to transform. Both of them have the same objective: Destroy 35 drones to complete the level.

Can my PC run Transformer War for Cybertron?

Windows XP/Vista/7

The most basic installation will require at least 10 GB of free disk space on your hard drive. You need at least 2 GB RAM of Free RAM to run this game with no technical problems.

Is Transformers battleground 2 player?


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Up to two players team up as the Autobots against the Decepticons in the greatest sport in the Galaxy, CUBE! Play as the Autobots, solo or with a friend, across four unique Arenas.

How do you get all the G1 characters in Transformers the game?

G1 Jazz Skin – Left, Up, Down, Down, Left, Up, Right. G1 Megatron Skin – Down, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up. G1 Optimus Prime Skin – Down, Right, Left, Up, Down, Down, Left. G1 Starscream Skin – Right, Down, Left, Left, Down, Up, Up.

How do you spell transformer game?

Transformers: The Game is an action-adventure video game based on the 2007 live-action film Transformers.

What is the latest Transformer game?

Other games

Title Details
Transformers: Battlegrounds Original release date: October 23, 2020 Release years by system: 2020 – Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Notes: Tactical role-playing game based on Transformers: Cyberverse. Developed by Coatsink, published by Outright Games

Will there be new Transformers games?

The game was officially announced by Leyou at the Chinajoy 2019 convention. … The name change has almost certainly been ordered to link the game to the next Transformers movie with is out in 2022. That film is titled Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and features the Beast Wars characters.

Is War for Cybertron on steam?

Transformers™: War for Cybertron™ on Steam. Become the ultimate weapon. … Wield an arsenal of lethal, high-tech weaponry and change form from robot to vehicle at any time as you battle through the living, metallic world of Cybertron.

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