What is the purpose of providing explosion vent in power transformer *?

What is the function of explosion vent?

An explosion vent or rupture panel is a safety device to protect equipment or buildings against excessive internal, explosion-incurred pressures, by means of pressure relief. An explosion vent will relieve pressure from the instant its opening (or activation) pressure pstat has been exceeded.

What is transformer explosion vent?

Explosion vent is a bent pipe with thin aluminium diaphragms at both ends. A wire mesh is provided at upper end of vent pipe to protect mechanical damages of upper diaphragm and also provided at lower end of the explosion vent to prevent the pieces of rutted diaphragm from entering the tank.

Where would you expect an explosion vent to be located on a transformer tank?

Explosion vent is a diaphragm at the end of a large dia vent pipe that is expected to rupture and release the pressure from inside the transformer tank.

What is the function of breather in the transformer?

Transformer Breather Helps to Prevent Atmospheric Moisture and Reduce Maintenance Costs. During the breathing cycle of a transformer, it is crucial to prevent atmospheric moisture from entering the transformer, which can contaminate the oil.

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What is an explosion suppression system?

Integral to the design of most explosion suppression system is a chemical or mechanical explosion isolation systems to reduce the risk of flame/explosion propagation to other connected process equipment.

What are the functions of conservator and breather in transformer?

The main function of the conservator tank of a transformer is, once the transformer is loaded and the ambient temperature rises, then the volume of the transformer oil will increase. So it works like a reservoir for insulating the transformer oil.

Why do electric transformers explode?

The most common reason why transformers explode and burn is accidents caused by lightning strikes. Lightning strikes can often damage the wiring and transformer equipment. Other extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and rains can cause trees to fall on transformers, causing explosions.

Why do voltage transformers explode?

Electrical transformers transfer energy between circuits, switching energy from one voltage to another. But when flooded with too much electricity, the sudden surge can cause a transformer explosion. … Mineral oil, in turn, combusts explosively and rockets transformer scything into the air.

Why did transformers catch fire?

The oil quality of the transformer deteriorates, or the oil tank leaks or lacks oil, which affects the heat circulation of the oil and reduces the heat dissipation capacity of the oil, resulting in overheating and fire. … The transformer is struck by lightning, generating arc or spark to ignite combustible materials.