What is the effect of circulating current in the circuit having two transformers in parallel?

Why does circulating current flow in paralleling?

These unequal no-load voltages (unequal tap positions) will cause a circulating current to flow through the parallel connected transformers. … So, the difference in current between the currents through these two impedances is basically the circulating current as it is not seen outside these parallel impedances.

What is a circulating current?

Circulating currents are a result of an asymmetry in the motor and the voltage it creates between the stator and rotor iron, but not related to the motor drive or method used to drive the motor. … Each motor winding has slight variations as compared to the other windings.

What causes circulating current in dual converters?

What causes circulating current in dual converters? Explanation: In case of practical dual converters, the voltages from both the converter circuits though equal in magnitude is out of phase. This indifference in voltages causes circulating currents to flow.

What is meant by circulating current in transformer?

Above, the circulating currents are the current flowing at no load in the high and low voltage windings absent of exciting currents. Full load current is the current flowing in the transformer with a load connected, absent of exciting and circulating currents.

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How do you calculate circulation current in a parallel transformer?

If two or more transformers are connected in parallel, any difference in the voltage produced by the transformers generates a circulating current, as shown in Fig. 1. The current is proportional to the voltage difference between the transformers divided by the sum of the impedances around the circulating path.

What is circulating current in parallel generators?

Circulating Currents Travel a Certain Particular Path

In general, circulating currents leave the line leads of the first generator, move through the parallel bus of the second generator and come back into the second generator.

What is circulating current in dual converter?

There is an instantaneous voltage difference at the DC terminals of the two converters. It produces enormous circulating current between the converters and that will flow through the load. Therefore, in the practical dual converter, it is necessary to control the circulating current.

What is circulating current protection?

Circulating Current Protection (CCP) is used as the diameter protection in one and half breaker Substation. CCP is used to protecting area between Current Transformer (CT) at bay line and CT at circuit breaker in between diameter (AB: B or AB: A as shown in Fig. 1).