What is patient follow up?

Why is patient follow-up important?

Timely follow-up with patients is vital for ensuring they’re moving forward with the prescribed treatment plan, such as undergoing testing and taking their medications. In addition to increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome, a medical follow-up is critical for minimizing safety and liability concerns.

How do you make a patient follow-up?

Conduct a standard follow-up call within a specified time after each patient visit. After the visit, send an email or text message with a secure feedback link, allowing patients to provide real-time input. Send email or text reminders regarding the patients next appointment.

What is follow-up in nursing?

Followup is the act of making contact with a patient or caregiver at a later, specified date to check on the patient’s progress since his or her last appointment. Appropriate followup can help you to identify misunderstandings and answer questions, or make further assessments and adjust treatments.

What is post-discharge follow-up?

The main exposure of interest was the frequency, timing and type of follow-up within the first 30 days post-discharge. Relevant post-discharge follow-up was defined as outpatient, non-emergency department telephone calls or clinic visits with internal medicine, family medicine, or cardiology providers.

What is a follow-up assessment?

Follow-up Assessment or Evaluation

Definition. Term used to define the data collected in the days, weeks, or months following an educational experience.

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What is a primary care follow up visit?

In the end, most follow-up visits after discharge are just a check up to see how the patient is doing and ensure there aren’t any complications. It’s also a great time to talk to a primary care provider about anything else or ask questions, especially if it’s been a while since the last appointment.

What is a post discharge?

Post discharge care is a specific type of short-term care, designed to support health and function as your loved one recovers after a hospital admission. After an accident, fall or surgery, it can take time to regain the strength and assurance needed to adapt to independent living.

What is patient compliance in healthcare?

Compliance is the process whereby the patient follows the prescribed and dispensed regimen as intended by the prescriber and dispenser.