What is it called when you make up your mind?

What is the word for making up your mind?

What is another word for made up your mind?

resolved decided
thought to bid for
had in view committed oneself
had a mind to made up one’s mind
purposed bade for

What does it mean to have your mind made up?

used to say that someone has made a decision and will not change it He’s not going. His mind is made up.

What is the similar meaning of made up the mind?

synonyms for make up mind

aim. conclude. decide. mind. ponder.

What is a indecisiveness?

1 : marked by or prone to indecision : irresolute an indecisive state of mind. 2 : not decisive : inconclusive an indecisive battle. 3 : not clearly marked out : indefinite.

What is a synonym for decide?

Some common synonyms of decide are determine, resolve, rule, and settle. While all these words mean “to come or cause to come to a conclusion,” decide implies previous consideration of a matter causing doubt, wavering, debate, or controversy.

What is the act of making up one’s mind?

Decide between alternatives, come to a decision, as in I had trouble making up my mind about which coat I liked best. This expression dates from the early 1800s, although a similar usage appeared two centuries earlier in Shakespeare’s King John (2:1): “I know she is not for this match made up.”

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What is the meaning of phrasal verb set up?

1to build something or put something somewhere The police set up roadblocks on routes out of the city. to make a piece of equipment or a machine ready for use She set up her stereo in her bedroom. to arrange for something to happen I’ve set up a meeting for Friday.

What’s another word for to come back again?

What is another word for come back?

arrive back get back
recur re-enter
remigrate resume
return revive
triumph arrive home

What is the synonym of indecisive?

doubtful, hesitant, tentative, wishy-washy, changeable, faltering, halting, hesitating, inconclusive, indeterminate, irresolute, on the fence, unclear, undecided, undetermined, uneventful, unsettled, unstable, vacillating, waffling.