What does it mean to not measure up?

What does it mean to measure up?

intransitive verb. 1 : to have necessary or fitting qualifications —often used with to. 2 : to be the equal (as in ability) —used with to.

What does it mean to measure up against something?

measure (someone or sth) (up) against (someone or sth else) 1. To compare the qualities of a particular person or thing with those of someone or something else. … To place someone or something against a larger person or thing so as to observe, measure, or compare the size of one or both.

How do you use a measure up?

measure up (to something/somebody)

(usually used in negative sentences and questions) to be as good, successful, etc. as expected or needed synonym match up to somebody/something Last year’s team just didn’t measure up. The job failed to measure up to her expectations.

What is the meaning of the phrasal verb measure up to?

phrasal verb. measure up | measure somebody/something up (for something) ​to measure somebody/something. We spent the morning measuring up and deciding where the furniture would go. We need to measure the room up for a new carpet.

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What is the measure up campaign?

Measure Up is a social marketing campaign which aims to raise awareness of the healthy choices that can help protect people from chronic diseases, beginning with physical activity and healthy eating.

What is the meaning of live up?

: to do as well as someone expects one to do.

What is another word for measure up to?

What is another word for measure up?

amount to be
emulate equate with
come up to be the same as
equate to reach
constitute match

Is Measure up an idiom?

To be the equal of something or someone; be of equal or sufficient quality for something or someone: This team easily measures up to any of the others in the league. I wanted the job, but I just didn’t measure up.

What does to level up mean?

to increase or improve something in order to make it the same as other things of its type. The government is levelling up the tax on beer and wine. Synonyms and related words. To increase, or to increase something.