What does it mean by built up area?

What is the meaning of built-up area?

Built-up area or the plinth area is the gross area of the property. It is the total size of the house, including the carpet area, the thickness of the walls, balcony, terrace, ducts and utility area.

What is included in built-up area?

Built-up area is the total area measured on the outer line of your flat, including balcony, terrace, etc. It refers to the usable (or carpet area as described below) of your flat plus the area occupied by the walls and columns of your flat plus a little more.

How is built-up area calculated?

Built-up area = Carpet area + areas covered by the walls

ft. Generally, the built-up area is 10-15 % more than the carpet area.

What is it called when an area is built-up?

An urban area, or built-up area, is a human settlement with a high population density and infrastructure of built environment. … In urbanism, the term contrasts to rural areas such as villages and hamlets; in urban sociology or urban anthropology it contrasts with natural environment.

How much is a built-up area?

The built-up area is the comprehensive area which is the sum of the carpet area and the thickness of walls of the housing unit. The area spanned by the balcony or terrace is also counted in this. Mostly, it constitutes about 70 to 80 per cent of the super built-up area of the property.

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Does built up area include all floors?

Built-up area or the plinth area is the total size of your apartment unit including walls, sit-out, balcony, terrace and utility. That is to say, it is the area covered by a building on all floors including any cantilevered portion. As a thumb rule, this is usually 10 per cent higher than the carpet area.

How is built up area calculated in Singapore?

Built-up and built-in area generally means the same thing i.e. assuming the 70% of the land is used to built the house, the ground level of the house would be approx 700 sqft excluding the parking lot, garden etc. If it’s a 3-storey house, the built-up area is approx 3 x 700 = 2,100 sqft.

Is staircase included in built up area?

Built Up Area Meaning

Built up area refers to the sum of the carpet area, plus the area taken by both exterior walls and interior walls, balcony, and also exterior staircase and corridor if any. Built up area may also include any exclusive terrace, if any, and constitutes about 70% to 80% of the super built up area.

What is built up area as per Rera?

Built-up area- Built-up area includes the carpet area, plus the extra areas certified by the authorities, such as the area of the outer and inner walls, dry balcony area, etc. … It includes shared areas like lifts, lobbies, staircases, and amenities, as well as a part of your terrace and balcony.