What does blocked up mean?

What is the meaning of being blocked?

(blɒkt ) or blocked up. adjective. If something is blocked or blocked up, it is completely closed so that nothing can get through it. The main drain was blocked.

Do block me meaning?

To prevent someone or something from moving from a certain spot. A noun or pronoun can be used between “block” and “in.” I can’t move my car because some jerk blocked me in! All these boxes are blocking in my tools at the back of the garage—I can’t get to any of them. See also: block.

What is an example of blocking?

In the statistical theory of the design of experiments, blocking is the arranging of experimental units in groups (blocks) that are similar to one another. … An example of a blocking factor might be the sex of a patient; by blocking on sex, this source of variability is controlled for, thus leading to greater accuracy.

What is block in slang?

The slang term “Block” is a noun which is used by rappers to represent an area in their neighborhood.

Why blocked me on WhatsApp?

Well, one of the reasons could be that the contact might have just blocked you. It could also be possible that the contact just removed the display picture. Check with a mutual friend, if your friend can see the profile photo but you can’t you’re blocked.

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How long is a block?

One block measures around 260 feet which would be the equivalent to 0.05 miles.

What is a block word?

(1) In word processing, a block is a group of characters that you have marked to perform some action on them. For example, to move a section of text, you must first block it. This is sometimes called a block move. … Word processors usually display blocks by highlighting them on the screen.

What is the importance of blocking?

Blocking is much more important than you might think.

Blocking in cinema is the use of movement and proportion of people and objects within the frame’s space. The term comes from theater, but in movies, the camera can travel through cinematic space, making blocking a powerful tool.

What is the primary purpose of blocking?

A purpose of blocking is to reduce undesired variability.