What causes circulating current in transformer?

What causes circulating current?

Circulating currents are a result of an asymmetry in the motor and the voltage it creates between the stator and rotor iron, but not related to the motor drive or method used to drive the motor. Specifically, the asymmetry in a motor comes from imbalanced windings, the differences in the iron core, and air gaps.

Why is circulating current bad?

Circulating current between paralleled transformers is not pure reactive, because of the very small R value compared to X value of the transformer windings, we can say it is “reactive” or Var flow. However, when the circulating current passing through the winding R, it creates heat, thus, the losses.

What is circulating current system?

Merz-Price Circulating Current Scheme for Transformer Protection is commonly used for the protection of power transformers against earth and phase faults. … Fulfilled this condition, the secondaries of the two CTs will carry identical currents under normal load conditions.

How do you calculate circulating current?

Conceptually, it really is as simple as Ohm’s Law: I = V/R. Of course that is an over simplification, but it is the same concept applied to three phase AC systems. Now let’s take a deeper dive into how to calculate circulating current.

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What is meant by circulating current in transformer?

Above, the circulating currents are the current flowing at no load in the high and low voltage windings absent of exciting currents. Full load current is the current flowing in the transformer with a load connected, absent of exciting and circulating currents.

What is circulating current in parallel transformer?

If two or more transformers are connected in parallel, any difference in the voltage produced by the transformers generates a circulating current, as shown in Fig. … The current is proportional to the voltage difference between the transformers divided by the sum of the impedances around the circulating path.

Under what condition will there be no circulating current when two transformers are operated in parallel at no load?

There will be no circulating currents in transformers that are operated in parallel when the higher tap position will be equal to the lower tap position. Higher tap position have high value of current while lower tap voltage have low value of current.

What causes circulating current in dual converters?

What causes circulating current in dual converters? Explanation: In case of practical dual converters, the voltages from both the converter circuits though equal in magnitude is out of phase. This indifference in voltages causes circulating currents to flow.

What is circulating current in power electronics?

Module synchronization- All inverter module connected in parallel should have the same output voltage, frequency and phase. If the output voltage of modules are not equal a current flow from the module with the higher voltage to the lower voltage that current is known as crosscurrent or circulating current.

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