What are UPS zones?

What do UPS zones mean?

Zones are calculated dynamically based on where a package is shipped from. This means that two separate points of origin that are shipping to the same destination can often be shipping to different zones. For example, if you ship from San Francisco, California to Kansas City, Missouri, You are shipping to Zone 7.

How do I know what UPS zone I am in?

To determine the zone, take the first three digits of the receiver’s ZIP code and refer to the UPS chart.

What are the shipping zones?

UPS, USPS, and FedEx shipping zones are broken down as follows:

  • Zone 1: 50 mile radius.
  • Zone 2: 51 – 150 mile radius.
  • Zone 3: 151 – 300 mile radius.
  • Zone 4: 301 – 600 mile radius.
  • Zone 5: 601 – 1,000 mile radius.
  • Zone 6: 1,001 – 1,400 mile radius.
  • Zone 7: 1,401 – 1,800 mile radius.
  • Zone 8: 1,801+ mile radius.

Are UPS and USPS zones the same?

Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS use shipping zones to determine the shipping cost of a package. Zones relate closely (but often not exactly) to distance traveled.

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What zone is Canada ups?

For an Expedited shipment from anywhere in the United States to the same address, the zone is . For an Express Plus or Express shipment from anywhere in the United States to St. John’s, Newfoundland, A1E 4T9, Canada, the zone is 82.

How do you read a zone chart?

The zone chart consists of four zones that have different weights:

  1. Zone 1 is between the center line and 1σ and has a weight of 0.
  2. Zone 2 is between 1σ and 2σ and has a weight of 2.
  3. Zone 3 is between 2σ and 3σ and has a weight of 4.
  4. Zone 4 is beyond 3σ and has a weight of 8.

How do zones work USPS?

USPS Postal Zones are how the United States Postal Service determines the distance between an origin and destination address. These zones range from 1-9, where Zone 1 is a local shipment and Zone 9 is the furthest possible distance for a domestic shipment.

What are the zones for shipping USPS?

Breakdown of the Different USPS Zones

  • Zone 1: 1-50 miles.
  • Zone 2: 51-150 miles.
  • Zone 3: 151-300 miles.
  • Zone 4: 301-600 miles.
  • Zone 5: 601-1000 miles.
  • Zone 6: 1001-1400 miles.
  • Zone 7: 1401-1800 miles.
  • Zone 8: 1801 miles or greater.

How do I figure out shipping costs?

Just weigh the package and use a shipping cost calculator to get a shipping price. If the parcel is small but heavy, get a shipping cost based on dimensional volume which might be cheaper. Remember that when calculating postage by weight, use the total weight of the package and not the weight of the product itself.

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How long does ground shipping take ups?

How long does UPS Ground take? All UPS Ground packages are guaranteed to be delivered within 1-5 business days. The delivery date is set at the time of pick up according to the distance the package is traveling.

What is Zone in courier service?

A zone is used in logistics to assign packages to a courier company for delivery. Zone refers to a particular geographical area which consists of several smaller areas in it. Zone is helpful in identifying the larger geographical area when shipping.