What are the morals that grown ups say?

What things do grown say?

These cartoonists know the answer!

  • “Behave yourself or I’ll tell your mother you have talent.” …
  • “It was delicious.” …
  • “A Frank Sinatra cassette and a little too much wine. …
  • “While many disagree as to when life really begins, most feel it’s after work.” …
  • “If we can’t find a man, we give him two small boys.”

What is the moral of the poem chivvy?

The Moral / Value Learnt Of this poem is that we should always listen and obey the orders of Adults / Elders as they always show the right way to us. They think only of our Best not bad.

Why do you think the grown ups say things like don’t talk with your mouth full don’t stare don’t point don’t pick your nose?

Answer: Elders say these things because they want their children to learn discipline, good behaviour and good manners.

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Why do you think grown ups say the kind of things mentioned in the poem is it important that they teach children good manners and how do you behave in public?

Answer: Grown-ups say the kind of things mentioned in the poem because they want their children to learn good manners and how to behave in public. … Therefore, it is very important for parents to teach their children good manners and behaviour.

Why would a child need a hankie?

To clean his mouth. To clean his shoes. To clean his bag. To clean his slate.

How does a rebel behave during a lesson?

The rebel finds himself calm and quiet, when everyone is talking during their lesson Again, the rebel creates noise and disturbance on his surrounding, when the other are silent during their lesson therefore, he constantly goes against the norms of the society.

Why is the child asked to stand straight *?

The child is asked to stand straight because that shows that he is attentive.

How do the trees make fathers happy?

How do the trees make fathers happy? … Trees are to have tea parties under. Trees are for kites to get caught in. Trees are to make cool shade in summer.

What does chivvy along mean?

to try to persuade someone to do something or to hurry them, especially when they do not really feel like it. chivvy someone into (doing) something: She chivvied me into buying a bigger car. chivvy someone along​/​up: We need someone dynamic to chivvy the team along.

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What should the child take off the table Class 7?

He should not behave in a funny manner to draw attention. He should keep his elbows off the table.