What are the different methods of VAr compensation?

What are the methods of reactive power compensation?

Reactive power compensation in a power system is of two types—shunt and series. Shunt compensation can be installed near the load, in a distribution substation, along the distribution feeder, or in a transmission substation. Each application has different purposes.

What are the techniques for reactive power compensation in transmission line?

Since the real part of the power is 0, therefore the reactive power in the system is added by shunt compensator. Shunt-connected reactors are connected in the system to control the reactive power. By consuming the reactive power shunt connected reactors decrease the over voltages in the transmission line.

What is series and shunt compensation?

In series compensation, the FACTS is connected in series with the power system. It works as a controllable voltage source. … To compensate, a shunt capacitor is connected which draws current leading the source voltage. The net result is improvement in power factor.

What are the various methods of voltage control in transmission system?

Methods of Voltage Control in Power System

  • On – Load Tap Changing Transformer.
  • Off – Load Tap Changing transformer.
  • Shunt Reactors.
  • Synchronous Phase Modifiers.
  • Shunt Capacitor.
  • Static VAR System (SVS)

What are the different modes of operation of TCSC?

The TCSC has four operation modes: bypassed-thyristor mode, blocked-thyristor mode, capacitive vernier mode, and inductive vernier mode. In normal operation, the TCSC is operated at the capacitive vernier mode to compensate the transmission line impedance [4] .

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Which method is used for reactive or voltage compensation?

Synchronous condensers—can be used to generate reactive power, when they are operated as a motor. Shunt capacitance —Capacitor banks can be connected in parallel to the transmission lines. Series capacitance —Capacitors connected in series, especially for long lines can be used to raise the voltage.