Quick Answer: Who else sang You Light Up My Life?

Who all sang You Light Up My Life?

Who is Debby Boone’s husband?

Is the song You Light Up My Life about God?

Even though the song was intended as a love song, Boone interpreted “You Light Up My Life” as an inspirational song about God. Boone went on to release four top-10 Contemporary Christian albums while winning two more Grammys in the Christian music category in the early 1980s.

Does Didi Conn sing?

Plot. Laurie Robinson (Didi Conn) is a young woman who earns a living by performing in commercials and hosting a children’s show on public television, but she would rather concentrate on songwriting and singing than doing comedy with her small-time comedian father Si (Joe Silver).

Who wrote the song You Light Up My Life?

What does light of my life mean?

Definition of the light of someone’s life

: a person someone loves very much and who makes him or her happy His daughter is the light of his life.

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