Quick Answer: Which of the following quantity remains unchanged in transformer?

Which quantity remains unchanged in a transformer?

The transformer can either increase the output voltage as compared to the input voltage or it can do the reverse of it. In all this process, the voltage changes and so does the electric current but the frequency remains unchanged.

Which quantity does not change in a transformer?

A transformer does not change the frequency of ac.

Is power remain constant in transformer?

Power need not be constant in a transformer, and in real life it is not. … A third factor causing small losses is the emission of electromagnetic radiation by the accelerating charges, since transformers always operate with AC.

Which quantity is increased in step transformer?

In step-down transformer, voltage decreases and corresponding current increases.

Which of the following is not the basic element of transformer?

(d) mutual flux.

Which of the following is NOT feature of an ideal transformer?

An ideal transformer has infinite primary and secondary inductances. Explanation: The primary and secondary windings have zero resistance. It means that there is no ohmic power loss and no resistive voltage drop in the ideal transformer.

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Which of the following quantity remains constant in an ideal transformer?

Answer: The correct answer is “power“. Explanation: A transformer changes Voltages and current but the power remains constant but that is case only for ideal transformer, in general there is loss in power in form of heat , sound , vibrations, eddy currents , etc . Only the frequency remains constant.

Why there is no change in frequency in transformer?

It is clear that the frequency of output/induced voltage Vin is ω which is same as that of the input current. Hence, in a transformer, the frequency remains unchanged (constant) as flux changes.

Which quality is constant with change in load of the transformer?

Explanation: As we know, the transformer has primarily two types of losses Iron loss and copper loss. Iron loss is always constant, whereas copper losses are varying with a load. Both hysteresis loss and eddy current loss do not depend upon load current, which means iron losses are constant with varying load.

What is constant in power transformer?

The power transformer is a constant flux device because it follows the Lenz’s law, for every change in flux density caused by loading on secondary it will draw the magnetizing current proportionately from primary. So, the net flux in the core is always constant.

Can frequency change in the transformer?

No, the frequency cannot be changed by a transformer.

Why does frequency of a wave remains constant?

Wave speed, frequency and wavelength in refraction

Although the wave slows down, its frequency remains the same, due to the fact that its wavelength is shorter. When waves travel from one medium to another the frequency never changes. As waves travel into the denser medium, they slow down and wavelength decreases.

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