Quick Answer: What is the light compensation point and what happens at this point?

What happens at the light compensation point?

The compensation point is where light intensity is at the point where the rate of photosynthesis is equal to the rate of respiration. At light intensities below this point, more respiration occurs. At higher light intensities, more photosynthesis occurs.

What is the meaning of compensation point?

The compensation point refers to the situation when there is no net exchange of gas between plant or environment. In other words, photosynthetic uptake of carbon dioxide is exactly balanced by respiratory output of carbon dioxide. Thus, there is no net photosynthetic gain.

What is light compensation level?

compensation level The depth at which light penetration in aquatic ecosystems is so reduced that oxygen production by photosynthesis just balances oxygen consumption by respiration. Generally this implies a light intensity of about 1 per cent of full daylight.

What is the light compensation point quizlet?

1- The point at which the carbon dioxide output is maximized. 2- The point at which additional light does not lead to increased photosynthesis.

What is compensation point class 10th?

Class 10th. Answer : The compensation point is the amount of light on the light curve where the rate of photosynthesis exactly matches the rate of respiration.

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What is the compensation point and why is this important to know for living organisms?

The compensation point is reached when the gross productivity of a producer is equal to the amount it must consume in respiration to stay alive. At the compensation point the net productivity is zero, and no growth can occur. Each bottle represents the net productivity of the algae at a different depth.

What are the light compensation and light saturation points?

The compensation point is reached as light intensity increases. If the light intensity is increased beyond the compensation point, the rate of photosynthesis increases proportionally until the point of light saturation is reached, beyond which the rate of photosynthesis is no longer affected by light intensity.

What is compensation point when does it occur in plants?

Timing. The compensation point is reached during early mornings and late evenings. Respiration is relatively constant, whereas photosynthesis depends on the intensity of sunlight. When the rate of photosynthesis equals the rate of respiration or photorespiration, the compensation point occurs.

What is light saturation point?

(The light saturation point is the intensity at which additional increases in light do not increase photo- synthesis.) This means the value of supplemental lighting is marginalized at a low CO2 concentration.