Question: What does pay up to date?

What is the meaning of pay up date?

: having given all of the money that one owes on a debt until a specific date. You’re (all) paid up through June.

What does pay me up mean?

to give someone the money that you owe them, especially when you do not want to: Eventually they paid up, but only after receiving several reminders.

What is Paydate?

Pay Date Definiton

The date an employee receives pay from the employer. Otherwise known as the check date.

What is first payment date?

First Payment Date means the date identified or described as such on the Mortgage Form, as the same may be amended by written agreement, or if not so identified or described, the day that is one month from the Interest Adjustment Date.

What does paid-up policy benefit mean?

A life insurance policy in which if all the premium payments are complete and the insured is free of all payment obligations, the policy stays intact until insured’s death or termination of the policy is called paid-up policy.

How do you say pay up formal?

pay up

  1. ante (up),
  2. balance,
  3. clear,
  4. discharge,
  5. foot,
  6. liquidate,
  7. meet,
  8. pay,
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What does settle up mean?

to pay all of an amount of money that you owe to a particular person or company. settle up with: Let’s settle up with the waiter and get out of here. Synonyms and related words.

Is pay up a phrasal verb?

Pay Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 1 definition.

What is the difference between pay period and pay date?

The paycheck date is used to determine when payroll liabilities are due, based on deposit schedules. Pay periods are the beginning and ending dates that represent the period in which employees worked or earned wages. … If your paycheck date is in January 2015, the wages should be reported in 2015.

How do biweekly pay periods work?

10. How many bi-weekly pay periods are there in a calendar year? A bi-weekly pay cycle consists of 10 working days, beginning on Sunday and ending on the second Saturday of the pay period. You will be paid every two weeks, giving you a total 26 bi-weekly pay periods in a calendar year.

What is net payment?

Net pay definition

Net pay is an employee’s earnings after all deductions are taken out. Obligatory deductions such as the FICA mandated Social Security tax and Medicare are withheld automatically from an employee’s earnings. … These costs will come in the form of a deduction from the employee’s gross pay, or salary.