Question: In what year does Transformers animated take place?

Why was Transformers Animated Cancelled?

As the show hit its third season on Cartoon Network, “Transformers” parent company Hasbro made a deal to help Discovery create programming. When “Transformers: Animated” was cancelled despite plans for a fourth season, fans assumed that Hasbro wanted to avoid having multiple “Transformers” shows on competing networks.

Where does the Transformers movie take place?

Mission City is a city in the United States of America, possibly in either Nevada or Arizona. It’s a terrible city to live in, because it’s the kind of place where Mountain Dew machines thirst for human blood, Xbox 360s play with the lives of their owners, and steering wheels tend to kiss their drivers.

What year does g1 Transformers take place?

Season 1: 1984

The first season is primarily set on Earth, with a few excursions to Cybertron. It started with the 1984 toys as its characters, and introduced the early wave of 1985 toys as it progressed—the Constructicons, Dinobots, Insecticons, and Skyfire.

How many Transformer Animated movies are there?

Transformers is a series of American science fiction action films based on the Transformers franchise, which began in the 1980s. Michael Bay has directed the first five films: Transformers (2007), Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Dark of the Moon (2011), Age of Extinction (2014), and The Last Knight (2017).

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Is transformer a anime?

Transformers: Animated is an American superhero animated television series based on the Transformers toy line. It was produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Hasbro and animated by The Answer Studio, Mook Animation, and Studio 4°C (shorts).

Transformers: Animated
No. of episodes 42 (list of episodes)

Where does Transformers 2007 take place?

It was released on July 3, 2007, in the United States, earned $709.7 million worldwide against a $150–200 million budget. Transformers was shot in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Transformers Locations Table.

Location Name Latitude Longitude
Holloman Air Force Base 32.843266 -106.099953
Hoover Dam 36.015995 -114.737785

Is Beast Wars canon to g1?

The franchise directly follows the Transformers: Generation 1 continuity established by the 1984 series and animated film. It ignores the continuity established by the Japanese Transformers series, though this franchise would have two exclusive Japanese series of its own.