Question: Can we meet up formal?

How do you say meet up formally?


  1. besiege.
  2. bunch up.
  3. collect.
  4. concentrate.
  5. congress.
  6. convene.
  7. converge.
  8. convoke.

What’s another way to say meet up?

What is another word for meet up?

congregate collect
gather assemble
meet convene
rendezvous concentrate
muster rally

Can we meet or meet up?

Meet up with” always means to join someone, in person. In your example you met up with John, then watched to a movie together. “Meet” sometimes has exactly the same meaning. You met John at the theatre, and watched a movie together.

Is meet up grammatically correct?

Meet up (without the hyphen) is a phrasal verb meaning to meet, as in Let’s meet up at the restaurant. The term meetup as a noun was popularized by the website, which helps people organize such events. Example: After I moved here from the Midwest, I met most of my friends at an anime meetup.

Can we meet up meaning?

: to come together with (someone) : to go to a place to be with (someone) I’ll meet up with you later.

What is another way to say lets meet?

let’s meet synonym | English Thesaurus

  • bump into, chance on, come across, confront, contact, encounter, find, happen on, run across, run into.
  • abut, adjoin, come together, connect, converge, cross, intersect, join, link up, touch, unite.
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How do you use meet up in a sentence?

Examples of ‘meet up’ in a sentence meet up

  1. But blokes need to meet up to maintain friendships. …
  2. He arranged to meet up on a canal towpath to collect the bicycle. …
  3. She said she likes me and wants to meet up. …
  4. We decided to keep in touch and meet up regularly. …
  5. Both of them are out of work and meet up in the afternoons.

What is the opposite of meet up?

Verb. To consciously evade an encounter with someone. avoid. shun. snub.

Can we say meet up?

In the first sentence, you could also say “Let’s meet in the park…” but it’s very common to use “meet up” when speaking informally. In the second sentence, “meet up” is followed by people (“my friends”) so that’s why we need the word “with.”

What Meetup means?

: an informal meeting or get-together … people who frequently use their cell phones to communicate with others often do so to arrange face-to-face meetings. “