Is Transformers owned by Hasbro?

Does Hasbro own the rights to Transformers?

(Well, apart from Japan, these guys handle that.) Hasbro is a toy company, and owner of the Transformers brand in most markets outside of Japan, where it is owned by TakaraTomy.

Does Takara Tomy own Transformers?

TakaraTomy (Takara before the merger with Tomy) is a Japanese toy company. They are the producer of Transformers in Japan, and design much of the engineering for Transformers toys.

Does Transformers belong to Disney?

Disney acquires film rights to The Transformers.

Did Marvel own Transformers?

For a more serious answer, Marvel does not own the Transformer license. It’s owned by Hasbro. Since Hasbro also owns Wizards of the Coast and Legendary is made by Upper Deck, it is VERY unlikely that you’ll ever see Transformers: Legendary.

Who owns the rights to Bumblebee?

Bumblebee (film)

Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date December 3, 2018 (Sony Center) December 21, 2018 (United States)
Running time 114 minutes
Country United States

Is Transformers a successful franchise?

The original Transformers series has received negative to mixed reception, except for Bumblebee, which received positive reviews. It is the 13th-highest-grossing film series, with a total of $4.8 billion; two films in the series have grossed over $1 billion each.

Who owns Transformers Hasbro or Takara?

Hasbro acquired the rights to sell them in the United States but, instead of selling them under their original names, they were rebranded as “The Transformers”. The first two years consisted primarily of reusing the Car-Robots/Micro Change molds.

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What company owns Hasbro?