Is loosen up informal?

What’s another way to say loosen up?

What is another word for loosen up?

relax chill out
hang loose wind down
de-stress chill
cool off decompress
rest stay loose

What does loosen up mean slang?

C2. to start to feel less embarrassed and to become more relaxed when you are with other people, or to make someone feel like this: He seemed quite nervous at the beginning, but he soon loosened up.

Is end up informal?

“Resulted in” is formal and defines a direct relationship. “Ended up with” is informal, and could suggest that there may have been other factors involved.

What’s the opposite of loosen up?

Opposite of relax after a period of work or tension. agitate. prepare. ready. tangle.

How do you use loosen up in a sentence?

I’m going to take him for a ride to loosen up . Over exaggeration is the key here to help the violin bowing fingers and wrist to loosen up .

Is loosen past tense?

past tense of loosen is loosened.

When things are loosen up?

loosen someone or something up

to make someone’s muscles and joints move more freely by exercising them. The exercise loosened me up quite nicely. It loosened up my legs. I have to do some exercises to loosen myself up.

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What is the meaning of the phrasal verb loosened up?

phrasal verb. loosen up. ​to relax and stop worrying.

Is end up negative?

There are no negative connotations there. If you keep that up, you’ll end up in jail. Here, there are no negative connotations from “end up” either. … “End up” has no bearing on the positive or negative connotations of a sentence.

Shall we wind up meaning?

to find yourself in an unexpected and usually unpleasant situation, especially as a result of what you do: If he keeps doing stuff like that he’s going to wind up in prison!

Is end up transitive or intransitive?

(idiomatic, transitive or intransitive, copulative) To conclude, turn out, sometimes unexpectedly; to end up with. That’s just how things ended up happening. (idiomatic) To arrive at a destination, sometimes unexpectedly. I was going for a stroll, and ended up lost.